Samsung Refurbs

Samsung Refurbs


Samsung curved displays are the most difficult to refurbish due to them being very fragile and manufactured using flexible plastic and not glass like traditional LCDs . The curved screens require being taken out of the frames to refurbish which is where most refurbers struggle due to the strong adhesives used by Samsung to hold the display onto the frames . 

Our technicians at LCD LAB have been refurbing edge screens from the first edge display (S6 Edge) 3 years on and we have got the process to a T .  We refurbish all models from  S6 – S10 Plus . Almost 90% of our refurbs are turned around and sent back to customers within 48-72 hrs to minimise downtime for your clients devices .

The Process 

Samsung screens are refurbished using a few diffrent methods depending on the model . Flat displays such as s5/s6/s7 are separated using wire and the curved display using a -170 degrees freezer . The rest of the process is similar to iphone refurbs   , the screens are cleaned and then laminated . Once the display has been laminated and tested  , the final stage is to install the screen back onto the frame . We always use original strength adhesive and clamp to ensure the screen never lifts and has a flush finish.

Sending Your Samsung Displays 

If you would like your samsung screens refurbed , please complete the refurb form. Please see list of simple checks to do before sending us your screens

– Screen and touch must work ( *#0*# samsung test menu has a option to test the touch)

-Must be no black spots/Lines

-Must not have screen burn , which is most noticeable on a white screen 

-Must not have dead pixels/bruising which appear as dead pixels normally around the area where the glass is cracked .

Once we receive displays we do a full detailed tests and send you a report within 24 hrs . 

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