Requirements and Terms

Terms and Conditions For Refurbishing/Recycling

We only accept original apple displays for refurbishing/recycling . Screens must have working LCD and touch to be accepted (except x models) . Please see a simple guide below on how to identify original and non original screens . 

  • On  5 – 6G there is a black sticker over the barcode , on 5S-8P the qr code is located on the flex of the screen .
  • Has apple logo on the flex and glass
  •  Has a qr code on the backlight 
  • Has a rainbow coloured tint on the camera ring 
  • Stamps/stickers indicate the screen has been refurbed before or is a aftermarket 

Pass and Fails 

When a parcel is received at LCD LAB , our technicians go through and test screens to determine what can be accepted for refurbishing/recycling . We then put together a report and email the customer a copy , any non working screens are always kept to aside to be returned to the customer if required . We urge all customers to mark/sign screens for peace of mind . 

We don’t use a grading system like most refurb/recycling companies . We use a simple pass and fail system , please see what we class as a pass and fail below 

We can not accept screens with bleeds/black dots such as

We cannot accept screens with pressure marks ( these will only appear on a black screen and usually appears red/blue/green ) 

We cannot accept screens with flex issues such as lines/squares or flicker/fade when the flex is moved . Screens with torn flexes are also classed as fails. Other than the home button flexes  on 6S-8p .  We can replace the backlight/home button flex at an extra charge or if recycling buy at a discounted price .

Fail due to lines / touch
Backlight issues , when the lcd has waves , white spots , liquid damage or torn home button flexes (generally on the 7-8p models) . These are still PASS but would require a new backlight . *small fee applies
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